Who are we?

A push to BREAK THE SHELL for all SMEs!

For chicks, being born is already a gesture of struggle: they break the shell to see the world, to be able to enter it, and to grow in it. For us, digital transformation is this: a new world outside the shell, that shell must be broken.

To all SMEs that do not want to remain an egg, but to grow from a chick and, perhaps, one day become an eagle, we offer tools to break the shell: get out of organizational, geographical, temporal limits and do business with the best digital tools.

Our Vision

A world in which every company, large or small, has the ability to make the best use of the business tools that arise from digital innovation, and where the little ones have the same ability to access the opportunities offered by technology.

Our Mission

Being the main partner for SMEs in their digitalization process, paving their way towards evolution with services designed for their needs, solutions that simplify complexity, strategic thinking incorporated into products.

Webidoo Headquarters

In Milan, at We Work, an entire floor dedicated to our offices for Italy; general management, sales & marketing, human resources, communication, administration in the operations center from which a modern and flexible organization is managed, which makes extensive use of smart working and which focuses primarily on talent.

Via Vittor Pisani, 15 – 20124 Milano
Tel: 02 800 122
Email: hello@webidoo.it

Webidoo Farm

Technology means eliminating distances and space; it is also for this reason that our production and research center is at the other end of Italy, in Castellana Grotte: 1000 square meters where webmasters, social media managers, digital advertising experts and WebiAngel, consultants dedicated to our customers, create the services Webidoo and are constantly looking for new digital solutions to accelerate the digitalization path of SMEs.

Consulting Network

Over 200 digital consultants in the area who reach companies from North to South to analyze their digital approach and offer our most suitable services.
Over 50 Smart Digital Consultants, the protagonists of our innovative Digilanders project, who operate in 100% online mode, offering remote consultancy to SMEs that want to digitalize themselves, identifying the best webidoo products for each need.

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