Social Shopping

Our solution for commercial activities: a flexible and fast system for selling online to your
regular customers without facing the complexities of e-commerce.

Niche products, small shops, companies with a very loyal customer base; or cases of
sudden and forced closure that limit the possibilities of contact with customers: in all these
situations, an e-commerce may not be the most suitable solution. For these circumstances
we propose WebiSocialShopping, the solution to sell online without e-commerce.

The construction of an e-commerce requires, in addition to investment in technology, an
important organizational effort that affects the staff, inventory management and company
management systems. Furthermore, the creation of an online shop takes weeks, sometimes
months. For activities that cannot wait, we have created WebiSocialShopping.

We integrate multiple solutions to bring your products online

Take advantage of already active channels to sell

WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram are channels that your customers already know and
use. We specialise your catalogue with you on WhatsApp Business and on Facebook to
allow you to show your products.

A secure and flexible payment system

With WebiPay you do not need an e-commerce cart: simply set up an online payment link,
send it to your customer, receive your payment and agree on the shipping method.

A Google My Business profile to promote yourself locally

We configure and optimize your Google My Business profile: promote yourself by publishing
articles with your WhatsApp Business or Facebook Shop number, and collect the reviews of
your satisfied customers.

Assistance that is always available

Our WebiAngels are at your disposal for suggestions on how to use tools in the best way
possible; in addition, technical assistance tickets to solve any problem.

Your customers are waiting for you online, start today!

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