Facebook Advertising

Be found by your audience by making use of Facebook’s and Instagram’s algorithms: show your advertising only to the interested target, reduce costs and increase results.

The Facebook sponsorship platform is designed to offer users only ads of interest to them, thanks to the analysis of information and behavior on the social network. Thanks to Facebook Ads, even SMEs can use this tool to increase their business, identifying their audience on the platform.

For each business goal, Facebook ads offer different tools and strategies: ads to make the brand known, collect contacts, bring visitors to the website, and more; all through posts, videos, graphics.

Maneuvering targeting tools to identify the most receptive audience, choose the most effective strategy, and deliver the most attractive content requires experience and expertise. This is why your Facebook and Instagram campaigns are created for you by our experts.

Campaigns on Facebook and Instagram get the best results if checked daily, tested and subjected to continuous optimization. Our experts ensure this by protecting the value of your advertising investment.



Account setting

We open your Facebook Business Manager account or enter as managers in the existing one

Objectives and opportunities analysis

We collect your needs and develop an analysis in order to choose the most suitable target and the most effective type of campaign.

Content creation

We develop texts, images, videos and graphics for your ads, respecting the identity of your brand and creating interest in your audience.

Campaign setting

We set up the campaigns in the Ads Management area of your Business Manager, setting up the systems to monitor their progress.

Continuous monitoring

We analyze the results of your campaigns on a daily basis, identifying sensitive indicators and modifying them step by step to improve performance.


Our organization for your success

Prepared consultants

A consultant to collect data, your opinions, your needs, and develop a winning strategy


Receive periodic updates on the progress of your campaigns

Dedicated assistant

A Webidoo WebiAngel is always at your disposal to help you use the tools at your disposal and to solve your problems.

Break the shell, digitalize your business

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