Local Marketing & Reputation Management

Be found and polish your reputation in the global village

Break the shell and manage the local dimension of your business in the digital context: your
reputation, your presence, your promotion.

Good or bad, as long as you talk about it ... or not ?!

Better reviews mean more business

Increasing your review score by one star means increasing customer visits by up to 25%.
What are you doing to improve your reviews? We have prepared a tool to help you.

Managed reviews mean more business

Responding to bad reviews helps establish a constructive dialogue; responding to the good
ones, on the other hand, means business: 86% of consumers buy from stores that respond
to their reviews. If you’re not responding to all of your reviews, we can help.

Whoever arrives first ... has the right address

Those looking for you should always be able to find you.

54% of smartphone owners regularly look for the opening hours of a nearby shop, and 53%
look for directions to reach it; they find this information on hundreds of different sites. Are
your contact details correct and up to date everywhere? We can help you verify it.

Correct information = more turnover

72% of those who carry out a local search with “business name” + “place” visit a shop within
24 hours, and 28% conclude the visit with a purchase. Do you want to manage your data on
250 platforms with just one click?

Extremely precise promotion.

Sometimes "new" is synonymous for "improved"

The best tool for geo-localized promotion? Mobile advertising. The best tool for talking on a
cellphone? SMS and multimedia messages. Our geo-localized SMS marketing service is
designed for small businesses, find out why!

Distance that matters

If you could send a message to a specific group of potential customers, in a specific street in
your city, at a specific time of day, what would you tell them? If you want to find out, you just
need to try our WebiSMS service.

Local marketing is running, join it today!

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