How to communicate in real time with customers who are around your business, or in a specific area?

The smartphone offers the possibility to reach customers in any place and time; To do this through the web, however, the customer must be connected and active. Push message over the telephone network solves this problem and paves the way for direct communication.

With our WebiSMS service you can launch your SMS – MMS message anywhere on the map: just locate a point on the map and choose a range of action: local promotion in the most precise way.

WebiSMS allows you to identify the most suitable customers for you by gender and age in the area you have chosen, and to target them in an exclusive way, avoiding spam communications.

WebiSMS identifies in advance the number of users in the target area at the time of campaign launch, to allow preventive evaluations and precise use of the budget

A strategic tool.

Different contents available.

With WebiSMS you can launch simple text messages, but also messages with a link to access a site, or video messages.

Real time launch

WebiSMS is activated in real time, and can also be used for instant promotions at particular times of the day (eg: aperitif, breakfast, after dinner, when sales start). The only limit is creativity.

You can reach your customers from the other side of the road, do it now!

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