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Online advertising: effective targeting

The great innovation of online advertising: the ability to accurately identify which audience to show your ads. A revolution that also allows SMEs and local businesses to best promote themselves.

It’s all a matter of strategy

Who are your customers? Do they know you or not? Is someone looking for your product on the net, or do you need to explain what they can do? Different needs, different strategies, and in order not to waste time and money, it is necessary to choose the best one.

Tools for every need

Search engine advertising with Google Ads

Do you want to intercept an audience interested in your product, who may be just one step away from buying? These customers use Google and search engines to get to their destination. Cross paths with them!

Social advertising

Do you want to reach customers who are perfectly suited for your business, but don’t yet know they are or don’t know your product? Social media advertising is the tool for you.

Advertising on Digital TV

Thanks to the agreement with SKY Advertising Manager, we offer you the opportunity to promote your company on the free-to-air digital TV channels of the SKY bouquet, or on SKY digital players positioned on the network.

Your guide in a complex world

Understanding your needs to develop effective strategies

Choosing the advertising tool is the first step: to reach your end result you need to analyze your needs and your goals, knowing in depth each option offered by the different platforms. We do it with you.

A constant presence to meet every need

For online advertising to work, it is not enough to set up campaigns: you need to continuously monitor, optimize and keep in touch. Our specialists and our WebiAngels are always by your side.

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