Sky Smart TV

Bring your business on TV on SKY’s free-to-air channels thanks to addressable TV and new digital television broadcasting formats.

Television advertising changes and opens up to the world of SMEs, through digital platforms that simplify the purchase of spaces and lower their price.

SKY tv launches Sky Advertising Manager, the self-service platform that allows you to purchase advertising space for the free-to-air networks of the SKY bouquet: Cielo and TV8.

Addressable TV is a new advertising broadcasting system, capable of showing different ads to different family groups based on the characteristics of the viewers. Thanks to the data collected from digital TV, Addressable TV brings television advertising closer to targeting systems for digital advertising.

Lanners are L-shaped static advertisements that are inserted for 20 seconds within TV programs: a very effective form of advertising that is managed according to the logic of online advertising. Do you want to make your TV commercials on Cielo and TV8? Choose WebiSmartTV


With WebiSmartTV we create and launch your lanner advertising campaign on free-to-air SKY, Cielo and TV8

Initial analysis and goal setting

We establish your needs and together, we develop an analysis to determine the target and duration of the campaign.

Lanner graphic creation and possible digital flyer

We create one or more lanners for your television advertising, and the digital flyer to be accessed from the lanner: a mini landing page that the user can access by clicking the “ok” button on the remote control.

Campaign setting

We set up the campaign on Sky Advertising Manager, Sky’s interactive platform for digital television advertising, by setting the target, the geographical area of reference and the type of programs in which to display your advertising.

Campaign report

At the end of the campaign, we send you a report with the main performance indicators to allow you to evaluate the results achieved and to set up the following measures.

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