Social Media

Promote your brand on social networks, develop contacts, create a bond with your
customers thanks to a professional and constant management.

Managing social networks in an effective way requires professionalism and experience; we
put a social media manager at your disposal, who knows in depth the techniques to engage
your audience.

Planning, continuity and coordination of published content are the basis for successful pages
and profiles. We organize a monthly publication plan with you, to create an effective social

A professional page is not a hobby: no more photos taken from a mobile phone and stock
graphics; periodic shooting and videomaking sessions to ensure social pages always attract
attention and engage the audience.

The right

Sponsorship campaigns to reach your audience

We must tell you: you can no longer achieve results on social media without sponsoring your
content. However, we offer you efficient campaigns to get your message to potential
customers as effectively as possible.

Results monitoring

What are your goals in social media management? Is it to make your brand known? Develop
contacts? To sell? For each goal we develop the appropriate metrics and offer you periodic

A constant


Social networks have complex and constantly evolving dynamics, both in technology and in
communication. We offer you educational webinars to understand how social networks work
and to develop your strategy.

Dedicated assistant

A Webidoo WebiAngel is always at your disposal to help you use the tools at your disposal
and to solve your problems.

Enhance your social presence

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