Social management pages

Involve your customers, build your community.

Break the shell, create contact with your customers through entertaining, informative, useful social pages that stimulate their curiosity

Managing a social page is more than posting photos every now and then

Getting to know the public and
perceive its interests

A successful social page is born from the knowledge of your target, which allows you to create and publish interesting and engaging professional content: fresh and captivating texts, photos, graphics, videos.

Manage the community by always interacting
in the best way possible

Respond to comments, reviews, questions; stimulate dialogue; resolve any problems that may arise: professional community management is as important as posting regularly.

... Are you sure it's a simple job?

The skills of a Social Media Manager

Impeccable writing, ability to process images and graphics, sense of analysis, ability to plan and improvise, empathy with the target: do you possess all of this in your social media management?

Always know where to look

A good social page is not judged by the number of likes or fans, but by the business objectives it achieves: the bond with the brand, the contacts it creates or even the sales it generates. Is your strategy well targeted?

Solely publishing
is not enough anymore ....

The collapse of organic reach

Organic reach is the number of fans a post reaches without sponsorship. Today the organic reach of Facebook and Instagram seems to be between 2 and 5% of your fanbase: you create great content, but few see it.

Good social management cannot give up advertising

Managing a social page without a sponsorship plan for posts risks being a waste of time and money; to do it in the best way, however, you need competency and vision for your business.

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